Start 5 Termin 5 Convento Selfcare Festival Italien

Convento Selfcare Festival Italien


Montag, 10.06.2024
bis 14.06.2024
Casola in Lunigiana
Festival, Wasserberatung, Workshop

Ein Festival fürs Herz und DOLCE VITA.
Wir freuen uns dieses neue Event mit Struktur, Küche und Workshops zu bereichern.
Ein magisches Event am- und im Convento aus dem 16. JHD.
(Workshops ind Deutsch, Englisch und Italienisch.)

„Our vision is to gather as a tribe, embracing the deep sense of belonging which resides in each of us. We will inhabit an ancient and sacred space: Il Convento and spend a few days together, in the midst of the wild hills of northern Tuscany, nestled between the majestic Apuan Alps and the serene Mediterranean sea. Our intention is to gather in humbleness and respect for both nature and one other, embarking on a shared journey to co-create a sanctuary of love, attentive listening, and profound transformation.“